Who are we? What do we do?

Experienced real estate agents

Registered in Belgium and in Spain.

Honest and accurate advice,
all-inclusive service.
Choose our assistance to
be sure you buy the right home.


Who are we?
“Honest advice and outstanding service quality”: that is what Azull stands for.
Where do you want your home? On the coast or in the Spanish inland? A house or an apartment?
Do you need help with requesting electric and gas utilities or practical information on the area, the organisation of the health system in Spain, good restaurants, etc?
You just have to ask, and we’ll explain how to best manage everything in Spain or we will take care of it for you.
What are your priorities? Relaxing, excursions, sports, gastronomy, markets…
We will think along with you. Together we are sure to find the right home for you.

What do we do (for you)?
We advise and support you in words and in actions with our solid knowledge of local legislation, habits and customs.
All so you can proceed to a judicious and well-informed purchase.
We provide you with accurate information; when you find the right home, you just have to decide: yes, this is the one I want!
Even after your purchase, we remain at your disposal in our offices in Belgium, the Netherlands and Spain.


There is no such thing as exclusivity in Spain. In Belgium or the Netherlands, appointments are made with a different estate agent for each residence. In Spain, you choose the real estate agent with whom you want to embark and visit all the properties.
We can offer you 98% of all the properties in Murcia, Costa Blanca and Costa del Sol.
No empty words and salesy jargon with us.
Instead, an enthusiastic team with a solid knowledge of the sector.

By choosing with us a home where you feel good, you are sure to draw satisfaction from your purchase for a long time.
In the words of John Keats, ‘ A place of beauty is a joy for ever “.

Call us for free today at 0800 99 781 (from Belgium) or 0800 022 0493 (from the Netherlands).


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