How to buy safely?

How to buy safely

and to your entire satisfaction?

With us at your side,

find the right home in just 6 steps:


Follow these 6 steps and we guarantee you that:
you will buy the right property
at the right place
at the right price.
We will advise you at each ‘step’.
Step 1 Decide where you feel at home: Costa Blanca, Costa del Sol, Murcia.
Step 2 What do you want to make of the property? How do you imagine a day in Spain to be like?
Step 3 Budget. We start with the purchase price and the costs. We list the annual costs.
Step 4 Arrange a guided tour of the area and of the property of your choice in Spain.
Step 5 Don’t buy a pig in a poke. Meetings with the lawyer, the notary, the bank, etc. No Surprises.
Step 6 After the purchase, we offer our assistance for the design, the connection to utilities, the internet, insurance, management, and if necessary, with rental.
And then? Make the most of your property, of Spanish life and of 320 days of sun a year.

Start looking for your property in Spain today!

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