Azull is a member of the IPI/BIV.

IPI/BVI refers to the Professional Institute of Real estate agents.

Anyone engaged in independent real estate activities must be IPI/BVI-certified. Any IPI/BVI-authorised person is placed under the supervision of the Professional Institute, which means that he or she must strictly abide by the deontological code and the code of ethics of the real estate agent.

Azull’s Belgian office (505586) as well as Azull Spain (510108) are both members of the IPI/BVI.

Note: Employees do not have to be authorised, but must work under the supervision and responsibility of an IPI/BIV-authorised real estate agent.

Why is it so important to work with an IPI/BIV agent?

  1. IPI/BIV agents are under the supervision of the institute. Should anything wrong happen with your purchase in Spain, you can turn to us in Belgium. You can sue a Spanish agent who is not IPI/BIV-registered in Spain only.
  2. IPI/BIV agents are subject to compulsory insurance for their activities and have a secured third-party account for the eventual receipt of advances.
  3. Every agent selling a property from Belgium  an office, a house, a hotel…) must be registered by the institute.

Get informed beforehand. Not being registered amounts to carrying out illegal work.

This  search module (click here) allows you to easily check if the real estate agent you work with or are in contact with is actually authorised in Belgium.


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