Visiting Cartagena: culture with a capital C

Visiting Cartagena: culture with a capital C

Visit Cartagena and enjoy the richness of its cultural influences

On holiday on the Costa Cálida? Then, for sure, you’ve already swum and enjoyed the sun a lot. However, the Costa Cálida offers many more things to do… Consider visiting its cultural cities and their beautiful attractions.

Among our recommendations: visiting Cartagena!

Much more than a mere port city

Cartagena is a port city in eastern Spain, in the Murcia region, on the Mediterranean Sea. It is city full of life, culture, art deco buildings and historical monuments.

When visiting the city for the first time, you will soon realise that Cartagena is marked by a diversity of cultural influences that testify of a long and rich history. You will find not only Roman sights but also different art deco buildings.

Do you want to make the most of your stay in Cartagena? Then be sure to follow these tips:

– Buy a museum card and visit the 6 museums of Cartagena;

– Go on a boat trip to Fuerte de Navidad;

– Go around the city on the tourist bus.

Back to the time of the Romans

Fan of the Roman culture? Then you must visit the Roman site, near the City Hall on the Plaza del Ayuntamiento.

The amphitheatre of Cartagena

The amphitheatre of Cartagena is carved into a hill. It could host 6,000 people and has been declared “Bien de interés cultural”.

The Augusteum

The Augusteum was the place where priests held religious gatherings to honour emperor Augustus.

Barrio del Foro Romano

Those who would like to see the excavations of the Roman baths must wander through the “Barrio del Foro Romano”. The restauration is still under way but you can already see a part with wall paintings.

Do you want to enjoy some nature? “Parque Molinete” is close by.

Fuerte de Navidad: the Christmas fort

“Fuerte de Navidad” literally means “fort of Christmas”. It draws its name from Cristopher Columbus’s first settlement, established on Christmas day following the wreck of his ship “Santa Maria”.

It served as a military fort, used until Second World War. Because of its location on the harbour, it had a crucial role in the defence of the city.

Besides, a boat trip to Fuerte de Navidad is an ideal way of discovering the spectacular port of Cartagena.

On you way there, you will see impressive cruise ships, container ships and the 2 forts that watch the entrance to the port. You will return to Cartagena along the petroleum port.

When back, consider visiting these places close to Fuerte de Navidad:

– The underground shelters, under the Monte de la Concepción, dug during the Spanish Civil War against the German air raids

– The panoramic lift with view on Cartagena

– “La casa de Fortuna”, residence of a rich Roman senator dating back to the first century B-C.

What else does Cartagena have to offer besides culture?

Cartagena, as we mentioned above, has many more things to offer besides culture.


Are you maybe on the lookout for cosy restaurants? Then you must visit “La Catedral”, a restaurant built right next to the roman ruins. Or maybe you prefer meddling with the locals? Go to a tapas bar in one of the lateral streets of the Calle Mayor.

Activities for the family

Those who have come with their children must go to the Oceanographic museum, interactive for the kids, and very much worth visiting. Conclude the visit in the bar with a café con leche while enjoying the view on the harbour.


For shopaholics, Calle Mayor is the place to be.

Do you prefer all shops to be together? Then opt for the shopping centre Espacio Mediterraneo, which gathers 120 shops under one roof.


In the second half of September each year, people celebrate the day of the Carthaginians and the Romans.

This festival internationally known and hosts many events, including impressive parades.

During that time, the whole city is coloured with Carthaginians clad in Roman attire, proud of their fascinating history.