Expats in Spain

Expats in Spain

Living in Spain as an expat

The Norwegians live in the happiest country of the world, at least according to the 2017 World Happiness Report of the United Nations. Ok, but then leave España to us and well as to many Belgians and Dutchmen, who resolutely go for the south.

Expat Insider 2016

Another study, Expat Insider, indicates that life in Spain is relaxing and satisfying. The sun probably has something to do with this, but so do the Spaniards themselves: they are open and friendly people who treat expats and their families well.

Making amigos with Spaniards is not difficult. For them, the pleasure of living comes first.

Before you know it, you are invited to the wedding party of the neighbour’s daughter!

Such a wedding is certainly worth it, especially if you are single. Upon entering, you will have a flower pinned on with the flower bud down – if you lose the flower before the end of the evening, your wedding party will be next year.

And everybody dances: the abuela of 80 but also every man.

In fact, men are usually on the dancefloor first!

Expats in Spain

According to Expat Insider, most expats find healthcare excellent and affordable in Spain. Education, however, scores low on the world scale and is cited as a weak point.

Why do people emigrate to Spain? The reasons are diverse: the answer lies between “a better quality of life”, “following love” and “I just want to live in Spain”.

Voilà, just a couple of reasons to buy a property in Spain.