Visit Salinas y Arenales

Visit Salinas y Arenales

Salinas y Arenales de San Pedro del Pinatar, a piece of nature park located between the Mar Menor lagoon and the Mediterranean Sea, is definitely worth a visit. The park is located in the east of the province of Murcia. The word ‘Salinas’ refers to the salt mines at the fishing village, while ‘Arenales’ means sand beaches and refers to – you can already guess – the beaches of the Mar Menor and the Costa Cálida.

The mill of Quintin

The walk starts in the town of San Pedro del Pinatar at the mill of Quintin. The mill was used to pump water from the salt basin. A beautiful long dike separates the Mar Menor from the basins.

For the traditional mud baths, the dark grey mud from the bottom of the Mar Menor is extracted. Next, a swim in the Mar Menor to remove the mud, and the treatment is complete. A real must in the summer!

From the beach to the marina

We did it by bike. In one word: blissful. With a mountain bike, you can cycle to the marina by the beach along the coast of the Mediterranean Sea. You may want to sit with a café con leche and enjoy the silence, in January anyway.

Along the salt lakes and the dunes, you can find a diversity of fauna and flora. On the beach, you will find seaweed and natural sponges. The visitor centre gives you the necessary information, in various languages.

Fully let go of stress

Walking, cycling or just enjoying the noise of the sea, the smell and the salty water, the cries of seagulls, the rolling of the waves on the beach: Salinas y Arenales guarantees complete relaxation. And there are more than three reasons to visit the Salinas.