El Día de Andalucia

El Día de Andalucia

A good party now and then, that’s part of the game. February 28th in Andalusia is a classic on the program: el Día de Andalucia, the region’s national holiday.

Celebrating autonomy

The tradition is not very old. The celebration commemorates February 1980, the 28th.  After a referendum the region then became an autonomous community within Spain. Every year on that day the Andalusians hang the massive green and white flag out and famously arrange flowers outside.

A busy day

In many villages and cities the día de Andalucia is a nice but very busy affair. From hiking and cycling trips with the whole family and free museum visits, to music and theatrical performances on the typical local plazas. Often you even get a free drink and snack. And of course you can’t miss a dash of Flamenco, with its befitting costumes in all colours of the rainbow.

The highlight of the day is when the Hijo Predilecto de Andalucía, that is, the favourite son of Andalusia, is awarded. It is the highest honorary title of the region.

Party for everyone

Another tip: fully go along with the festivities and don’t plan too many other activities that day. Just about all the shops are shut, up to the local bakery or butcher, and public transportation is also on the back burner. Party you will: it’s probably too cold for swimming at the end of February anyway, even on the Spanish Costa.

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