Buying a car in Spain

Buying a car in Spain

Who has a holiday home in Spain can always rent a car. But … many owners quickly go and buy a car.

Why? Simply because they end up coming to Spain much more than the three or four times a year they first had in mind. Renting can then get quite costly.

Another thing: if you have children between ages 18 and 26 who also want to go around Spain, they cannot hire a car themselves. You must now be at least 26 years old to rent a car from most Spanish rental companies. You then have the choice: play the taxi driver for your kids or buy a car.

Car service: highly recommended

If you opt for the latter, make sure to use a car service such as Seguro Parking. Ideal for those who have their own car in Spain. These types of businesses come and pick up your car at the Airport when you go to Belgium. Just as they will also be waiting for you when you come back. You can specify different airports, or even have your car “delivered” to friends or family. Another nice perk: because you can sometimes experience persistent sand dust in Spain, they make your car shine before you arrive.

Importantly, this sort of service is very affordable. The prices vary from company to company, but are really accessible.