A second home in Spain?

A second home in Spain?

Thinking about the possibilities of a holiday home on the Spanish Costa takes you on a daydream. You think, “if only…”. Of course, doubts and questions happen. The purchase of a second home in Spain is no little thing. And yet, there are more good reasons for buying your own place in Spain than for not doing it.

  1. Get some extra vitamins

You will always have sun in Spain. Spending two weeks to Spain without getting some extra vitamin D is almost impossible. Chasing the winter blues in the spring, lying on the beach in the summer… Sunrays are the ideal remedy against energy lows at every season. The great advantage of having a second home in Spain: you’ll always have a place to recharge your batteries.

  1. Less stress in your own home than at the hotel

Four days in your own holiday home is equivalent to ten days in a hotel when it comes to resting and relaxing. No fuss with luggage, no unpleasant surprises on the spot, possibility to cook your own meals if you feel like it, etc. You know you trusted holiday home through and through, which means you can relax at every trip.

  1. Do your wallet a favour

Do your wallet a favour and go no further than Spain. Why? The real estate prices in Spain are very low. This is not the case in Italy and France, for example. The prices keep falling there. The last thing you want is to spend your hard-earned pennies in a home that will be worth less next year.

At the same time, consumer prices are very low in Spain. And everyday life there is a lot cheaper than in Belgium. Let’s face it, a breakfast for €2.5… Where can you still find this?

Photo: Instagram