January 6th, a festive day in Spain

January 6th, a festive day in Spain

Belgian children’s Santa Claus finds its Spanish equivalent in the Three Kings. The sixth of January is indeed also a festive day in Spain.

You know them already: Melchior, Gaspar and Balthasar. In Spain they are simply called the “tres Reyes Magos“. Every year they come by boat to Spain on the 5th of January. Huge floats and camels go through the main streets of Madrid among others, and bring the traffic to a complete standstill.

Just like Santa Claus for us

A few days before the big day, each child carefully rolls their letter, ties a nice bow around it and leaves it on the table in the evening along with a cup of coffee, pastries and… sugar cubes for the camels. Come January 6th, the Three Kings distribute gifts around all the houses.

Should there be any naughty children, they get carbón dulce, a bag of sweet charcoal. But fortunately this happens to us only very rarely!