Is it cheap to live in Spain?

Is it cheap to live in Spain?

Living in Spain: it doesn’t just sound fun — it is too. But how much does life cost there exactly? Well, food, drinks and clothing there are pretty cheap compared to our country, but there’s more to look at, of course. As, for example, the electricity, gas and water bills. These are about as high as in Belgium. However we admit that there are differences.

Energy costs in Spain

The difference in energy costs with Belgium is rather small. The winters are of course less cold, which allows you to save on heating costs. But the coin has another side: the summers are in turn often so hot that the air conditioning goes full blast.

In other words, what you save in winter hits back in summer. At first glance the energy costs in Spain are then not much lower than in Belgium.

Spaniards consume less energy

Energy bills are similar to those in Belgium only for the average Belgian who resides in Spain. The Spanish themselves usually have slightly lower energy bills. That’s simply because they consume less energy than us Belgians. In the winter they put the heating on just a little less often while in the summer they depend less on air conditioning.

The difference: the fan

But … Did you know that with a ceiling fan you can make considerable savings ? You can make your living space about 5 degrees cooler. Besides, it is also healthier. By the way, for those who do not wish to hang classical fans in their interior … There are also fine specimens! Those who do not believe this are welcome to have a look in our home!