Spending the winter in Spain?

Spending the winter in Spain?

Spending winter in Spain? The young also do it

The Belgians go to Spain all year round, and certainly not only to spend the winter. But when temperatures are getting nearer zero, the call of Spain is slightly louder than usual. And what comes as no surprise, this year again a lot more Belgians bought a property in Spain compared to 2015. And they have good reasons for this.

Working from Spain

The cliché that we only go to Spain to spend the winter no longer holds true. Since we have the internet, we even go there to work. All while enjoying a quiet atmosphere, and the rays of sunshine.

In addition to the over 65s, there are also a lot of young people who go to their holiday home in Spain during the winter times. IT specialists, graphic designers, interpreters and others just take their work to the Costa to carry on in a more pleasant environment, far away from the drab winter.

Spain remains popular

Of course, Spain is not the only place where the sun shines in winter, but still… Spending the winter in Spain remains more popular than to do so in the classic “competitors”. What’s more, these competitors have lost some of their popularity in recent years.

Tunisia, Egypt and Turkey suffer under the constant threat from the Middle East. And Italy, Greece and Portugal? It seems that the crisis of these recent years has hit them harder than it has their Spanish colleagues by the Mediterranean Sea.

Warm (and trendy!)

As the most southern country in Europe, Spain is synonymous with sun and heat. But more and more, Spain also means trendy. You can see this summer after summer on our own Belgian terraces. Tapas, cava, sangria: any summer party with a bit of style has at least some Spanish highlights on the menu.

Belgians are increasingly attracted by the seemingly carefree, hip life of the Spanish. When you go and spend the winter in Spain – rather than just booking a short city trip – you can experience that feeling yourself. During the winter, you can feel the heart of Spain beat maybe even more than in the touristic season. Including the local life and the Spanish cosiness. And these meet the highest expectations again and again.