Why Murcia?

Why Murcia?

Buying a holiday apartment in Spain? Go for Murcia!

The Costa del Sol, Costa Blanca, Costa Brava, are the “usual suspects” considered when dreaming about buying a holiday home. A region that is still too often – and completely undeservedly – neglected in brochures and on the popular websites: Murcia and its Costa Calida, that is, the “warm Coast”. If you consider buying a holiday home in Spain, you should consider Murcia for several reasons.

Why Murcia?

Beautiful beaches, swaying palm trees and grilled sardines. At first glance, the Costa Calida in Murcia is similar to all other Costas. A little paradise right by the Mediterranean Sea. But the Costa Calida has some assets that give the region a special brilliance.

Unknown but not unloved

Murcia does not stand high on the list of must-see places, but this could well end up being an advantage. Even Spanish tourists neglect the region, which means that the Costa is as calm as it gets. If you want to buy a holiday home in Spain and don’t like crowds, Murcia is just for you.

No busy resorts, no loud nightlife and no children coming from all sides. You can even find places where you’ll have the sun, the sea and the beach all to yourself.

And just as important: the price for a holiday home there is also lower. You pay less per square meter in Murcia than anywhere else on the Spanish Costa.

Mar Menor, a geological wonder

Near Cartagena, one of the largest cities of Murcia, you can find a genuine natural phenomenon, the Mar Menor, or minor sea. It is a stretch of sea enclosed by a long strip of land, which extends over no less than 170 square kilometres. It is primarily a ‘ Mecca ‘ for those keen on water sports such as jet skiing and water skiing, because it is so sheltered. The water is always just slightly warmer than in the rest of the Mediterranean Sea.

And for beauty queens, one more thing: in the nature park up north you have the world-famous mud baths in which you can literally swim. You’ll come back home not only tanned, but with a beautiful glow.

Castles, windmills and Roman theatres

Murcia is, above all, a region with a rich history. In Cartagena, known in ancient Rome as the “new Carthage”, you can find remains of a beautiful Roman theatre from the period of Christ. Farther inland you can see the Murcian history unfold through dozens of castles from the Middle Ages, with as their centrepiece the castle of Lorca, nicknamed the ‘ fort of the sun ‘.

And if you really want to escape into the past, you can get on a horse and fight the hundreds of historical windmills just as Don Quixote in the eponymous novel.

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