Moving to Spain without Worry

Moving to Spain without Worry

Moving to Spain without worry ?

Your heart and your thoughts may have been wandering in Spain for a few weeks, your furniture remains undisturbed in your apartment or house in Belgium. This is but one of the major concerns for your move to Spain. You have to take these things into account to move to your Spanish casa without worry.

Moving your furniture to Spain

Our first tip: don’t try to do the impossible with your monospace or with a trailer. If you have a lot to move, a good international moving company can save you not only money but also time and worry. Moving abroad is not nearly the same as moving within your own national borders. Every company has its own specialty. By land, sea or air, depending on your new home, they figure out the ideal formula for you. Moving your goods to Spain becomes a breeze!

Doctors and hospitals in the neighbourhood

Once your furniture is in Spain, you are of course not done yet. Go and look for a good doctor or a hospital near you as soon as possible. We do not wish this to anyone, but if anything should happen, you want to know immediately where to go or whom to contact in your new country.

You must also immediately register with a health insurance fund. Please note: there are other rules about what and how much is refunded. You do take your pension from Belgium, but not your health insurance fund.

The ambassador, your amigo

Do not leave your Belgian life behind in a mess and bring everything in good order. Unregister at the municipality and inform all instances that you have a new address in Spain. While you are at it, make sure that everything is in order tax-wise.

You must then register as a resident in Spain as soon as possible. You should go to the embassy or a consulate for this. In addition to the embassy in Madrid there are thirteen consulates in several major cities, spread across Spain.

A thousand and one things to settle

Before you leave for Spain, you can of course also contact the Spanish Ambassador in Brussels with much more practical questions. Where can I go to find a new school for my children? How do the local taxes work in Spain? What do I need to settle at the town hall of my new town or city? The ambassador is a friend and will gladly give you a hand with this.