Buying in Spain: ultimate tips

Buying in Spain: ultimate tips

Buying the ideal property in Spain: 6 ultimate tips

Buying a property in Spain is an art. Looking for the ideal holiday home and you not willing to buy a pig in a poke? Then there are a few crucial obstacles that you must face. It is after all a major life decision, for which you cannot act rashly. With the tips below will you buy the home of your dreams, without it becoming a nightmare…

  1. Never pay any advance directly

If you are buying a holiday home, never just deposit the advance payment on the specified account. It must be a third-party account. If you are buying from a private seller, you can deposit the money in a third-party account belonging to the lawyer in charge of the dossier. Otherwise, it may sometimes be difficult to get your money back, especially if something goes wrong.

  1. Seek advice from a Spanish lawyer

A notary in Spain does not do the same as a notary in Belgium. If you want good assistance, a good Spanish lawyer will save you many headaches. He will enquire whether the home you have been dreaming about for weeks is indeed not too good to be true. For example, there are strict rules in Spain about how close to the sea you can build. These have not always been respected. And of course, it’s better to know this before you sign the deed.

  1. Consider the practical costs

There are always extra costs to look into when buying a home abroad. And it is not just the extra fees such as registration fees, sales tax, and notary fees. There are also many practical matters to examine. Sometimes the kitchen is not finished, the air conditioning is not installed, the garden or the swimming pool needs maintenance, etc. Keep this in mind from the start to avoid unpleasant surprises.

  1. What’s up, neighbour?

Better a good neighbour than a distant friend. While this is true at home, it is even more so in your Spanish casa. After all, you are buying a house in Spain to relax and to chill under the sun. Noisy neighbours can feel like a hole in the head.

Our advice before you buy: go visit the house a few times, meet the neighbours, and get to know the rest of the surrounding area.

  1. Watch for debts from the previous owner

The legislation in Spain is constructed in such a way that debts are transferred along with the purchase of a house. You have to be sure that both the ground and the property itself are free of mortgages or debts. Because once you are the owner, you are first liable for old mortgages and debts from the previous owner. So check that the previous owner has paid all the bills.

  1. Get to know the region first

Prospective buyers must do their homework before they buy a house in Spain. Get to know the region first, because just as for real estate in Belgium, location is also a very important factor for the purchase of a home in Spain. However, in the heyday of the Spanish real estate boom, properties are built on less attractive sites and the quality is not always high.