Villa For Sale Alcudia  Ref. 12558

Property Details

This 22976 m2 finca in Alcudia has two different
unique peculiarities: it has its own 300 m2 cave and a historical catalogued
tower. The house has a building project to connect both cave and house. The
extension of the finca allows fruit trees’ planting. You won’t have in a near future
such an opportunity to acquire a finca like this.

Because of its big extension, it could seems that this finca is too far away
from Alcudia. But it is not so, but it is only 100 meters far away from the
bullring. Alcudia city is one of Mallorca’s nerve center regarding culture and
tourism. Town wall surrounding the city converts it in an exceptional place to

Halley’s comet period is every 76 years. It means that unless you live at least
152 years, you only will be able to watch it once in your live. If this finca
with tower and cave would have a name it would probably be Halley, because it
will be your unique opportunity to acquire such a magical place in Mallorca. Will you remain

Sales Price: 900.000 €
Total Price: 1.023.900 €
Estimation includes Tax(VAT), Notary, Lawyer, Transfer tax and Land Registry fee.
Status: Bestaande woning
Location: Alcudia, Majorca, Spain


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