Townhouse For Sale Moscari  Ref. 11841

Property Details

A 198 m2 house in Moscari to be
refurbished in a 738 m2 plot with a 20m2 garden. This plot, with privacy and
calm, is located in a privileged zone: an upland area of the village with
spectacular views over “Pla
de Mallorca” (this is to say, the flat center part of the island)
and Serra de Tramontana, Heritage of Humanity.

This house, covered with stone, is
a traditional Majorcan construction, located in the suburbs of one of the most
beautiful and quiet mountain villages of the island: Moscari. Located in the
north part of Mallorca, Moscari is near the main highway, the one connecting
north part of the island with Palma, the Capital in the south part.

There are two things you won’t be able to change, no matter what you ask your
house: where it is located and what’s
around. All the rest can be built at your style but the views. Fortunately,
this property complies with these two premises: nobody will be able to remove
the views and a cinema setting. How about the rest? Exactl…

Sales Price: 500.000 €
Total Price: 569.100 €
Estimation includes Tax(VAT), Notary, Lawyer, Transfer tax and Land Registry fee.
Status: Bestaande woning
Location: Moscari, Majorca, Spain


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